New artwork at 40 Acres #DTRT25

New artwork at 40 Acres #DTRT25

She’s Gotta Have It
Dir: Spike Lee | DP: Ernest Dickerson | 1986


Not only did ya knock me down, you stepped on my brand-new white Air Jordan’s I just bought, and that’s all you can say is “excuse me”? 

What, are you serious? 

Yeah, I’m serious, I’ll fuck you up quick two times. 

Two times. 

Who told you to step on my sneakers, who told you to walk on my side of the block, who told you to be in my neighborhood? 

I own this brownstone. 

Who told you to buy a brownstone on my block, in my neighborhood, on my side of the street? Yo, what you wanna live in a Black neighborhood for, anyway? Man, motherfuck gentrification. 

Why don’t you go back to Massachusetts? 

I was born in Brooklyn!